zvi LikesTV (zvi_likes_tv) wrote in ficathon,
zvi LikesTV

Four Announcements

1) I am running doc_santa, the Grey's Anatomy Secret Santa. Today is the last day for signups. Please hurry over and sign up if you are interested.

2) I am running 3_ships, I Saw Three Ships, the Multifandom Threesome Secret Santa. Sign ups are closing November 15, 2007.

3) There is a new community for announcing your Secret Santa ficathons: seasonsficcings. As always, I am also collecting a list of Secret Santa and other fannish winter holiday activity at http://del.icio.us/zvi_likes_tv/sesa.links.

4) There is also a new community for challenge organizers to request pinch hitters, and people who might like to pinch hit to sign up. fic_pinch_hit.

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