your royal pie-ness (entrenous88) wrote in ficathon,
your royal pie-ness

"The Replacement" Celebration -- A Two Xanders Are Better Than One Brouhaha!

The Replacement Celebration
A Two Xanders Are Better Than One Brouhaha!
run by entrenous88
due date: April 3rd

So, coincidentally, the due date of April 3rd happens to be my birthday *coughs* But really, Xander and Xander together is something that's a gift for everyone. :) So for April 3rd, please consider creating something -- drabbles, fics, ficlets, epics, sentences, icons, graphics, essays, meta, squees!, whatever -- as long as it involves two Xanders and in some way references the s5 BtVS episode "The Replacement". All pairings (slash, het, threesomes, moresomes) or points of focus (gen, character-based, ensemble, friendship) are welcome, as are all types of fic (humor, angst, fluff, dark, what have you) and visuals/graphics.

Details, Sign-Ups, Questions Here!
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