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Doyle / Glenn Quinn ficathon (links to other ficathons are welcome)

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This ie the current location of the semi-annual Glenn Quinn / Doyle ficathon, formerly located at


It is OK to post links to other ficathons in this community. No one will slap your hand for promoting here ... as long as it's a ficathon.

The 2004 Memorial Day weekend Doyle/Glenn Quinn ficathon has been merged with the Doyleathon started by gyoro. If you have already missed the deadline for the Doyleathon and do not have a fic assignment, you can still post your fic to this community during the Memorial Day weekend.

The Doyle ficathon will be held twice a year, over U.S. Memorial Day weekend each year in honor of the late Glenn Quinn's birthday (May 28, although the ficathon will run through the entire three-day weekend), and from November 30 to December 3 each year, to commemorate both the character of Doyle (aired death: November 30, 1999) and Glenn Quinn (d. December 3, 2002)

No Real People fic, please (slash or het) - RP fic involving a person who is no longer with us is just in bad taste.